We all know that traditional employee training is expensive, time consuming and inefficient.

  • The average training cost per employee is $1,322
  • Staff has to travel to a centralized training location 
  • While in training your staff are not working

Our web-based mobile focused system breaks through those issues to make e-learning more accessible than ever.

N&M’s MobileSmartLMS Learning Management System is a white label solution for mobile platform content management of training material and student management.

Students can easily pause and resume a class, continue learning offline training, use our custom flashcard system to help them learn, take quizzes and practice tests and finish their certification and securely take final exams all within the app.

On the administrative side the system is easy to use and perfects the training process. The content management is structured by breaking down your information into modules that improves learning outcomes. The database supports many audit and data retention policies and has high standards for security including encrypted secure communications, user self-service password management and all passwords are encrypted in the database.